Who am I?

Hey there, so You clicked 'about' link, huh? That means that you actually want to know something about me. There you go then, in short, I'm a web developer/designer. I have a great passion for UX/Interface design and I love to build great websites and mobile apps. I know pretty close to everything about HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript but also have some backend background. During my career I was given the opportunity to learn about web sites development from many different angles. For 4 years I was actually a PHP programmer, I know a thing or two about Zend Framework, Wordpress and stuff like this. It had never been my passion though. What I really like is to designing/developing frontend side of the websites or web apps. I like when my work can be truly seen.


Freelancing and Krakweb.pl

I begun my career as a freelancer. During my studies I needed to do something besides learning for exams. I quickly learned that web development might be the way to go. In 2009 frontend development was a nightmare. Lack of standardization, handicapped javascript support and pitiful HTML and CSS capabilities. Definitely, not walk in a park. Therefore I decided to learn PHP and MySQL. I worked as a PHP programmer for 7 long years. First, as a freelancer but my first real job in Krakweb.pl (interactive agency) was also heavily connected to PHP.



After Krakweb.pl I started my CERN contract. For four years when I was working there I was involved in several projects, always related to some kind of data visualization. This is where I begin to develop my interest in frontend technologies. In particular (and among many things) I created an hBrowse framework which made creating of any hierarchical data visualization application much easier as it provided easy to deploy and configure user interface.


Veneo is an interactive agency that I was working for 1.5 years. I've become a master of HTML and CSS there as most of my job there was strictly frontend related. It was also my first job where I was working with designers, often choosing the best solutions based on aesthetics and technical possibilities. The job was very interesting and, I have to say, I learned much from few people.


I was hired at Lumesse as strictly frontend developer with a task of developing new frontend components for the product called TalentLink. The heavy emphasis was put on accessibility and because of my good feel of the problem I served as an expert on the subject.

united nations

Honourable mentions

I have a small episode of the short term contract with United Nations. I was helping with development of conference platform for WMO. It was very interesting to see the organization a little closer and meet people that are working there.

Want to contact me?

Here's the email address: contact@w3widgets.com

You can also find me on facebook.